Reinforcement made of polypropylene fibrillated raffia that, when mixed with concrete, disperses uniformly in the mix, contributing to its perfect cohesion and increased strength. It is generally used for reducing cracking of concrete and mortars.

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  • Increased resistance to impact and abrasion.
  • The use of conventional reinforcement is eliminated.
  • More homogeneous hardening and better bonding mixture.
  • Reduced permeability buy up to 40%.
  • Minimized exudation, speeding up the pouring process.
  • Reduction of cracking.
  • Non-structural metal mesh replacement.
  • Reduction of shrinkage cracking, preventing propagation.
  • The functionality or slump of the concrete mix is not modified.
  • Improved impact resistance, reducing brittleness.
  • To a lesser extent, improved tensile and compressive strength.

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