Importance of the bird exclusion net for crops

  1. Physical protection to prevent one of the main pests from entering fruit crops (Berries).
  2. Allows the entry of pollinating insects (bees and bumblebees) into the crops, where this process is essential.
  3. Physical barrier to enclose productive areas in order to prevent people and animals from entering.

How to install the bird exclusion net

  1. Identify the required width.
  2. Place the bird exclusion net over the sides of the crop in a straight line.
  3. Place the net between the bib and the upper rear wall.
  4. Properly stretch out and staple with a fold made in the wires.


  1. Entry of beneficial insects.
  2. Durability.
  3. Physical barrier to prevent entry of pests.
  4. UV additives that protect the net from chemical agents and solar radiation, providing greater durability.


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