Why should you use our products

For biological and organic control of pathogens; the use of our products helps in the efficient harvesting of the grain, reduces labor, generating an efficient proposal for the coffee drying process; we develop products for the implementation of nurseries; we are leaders in the production of post-harvesting packaging for the storage and commercialization of coffee preserving all its organoleptic characteristics.

Why should coffee harvesting tarpaulin be used

  1. Labor savings for harvesters, reducing harvesting costs.
  2. Decreased loss of beans on the ground.
  3. Helps to control the coffee berry borer.
  4. Tarpaulin resistant to the effort involved in coffee harvesting.


  1. Efficiency in the harvesting of coffee beans from the tree.
  2. Solutions for the final post-harvestong packaging of dry coffee.
  3. Efficient management of the nursery seedling process.
  4. To generate solutions for the drying of coffee in canopies.


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