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Coffee and Nut Harvesting Tarp Fabric

Highly resistant woven polypropylene fabric designed to facilitate the harvesting process of coffee and other fruits. A harvesting kits is supplied which is comprised 2 pieces of tarpaulin of 1.5 m x 12.5 m (4.92 x 41 feet),with Velcro on the sides to adjust in the field.

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  • Facilitates coffee harvesting in the field.
  • Reduced labor costs in the harvesting of coffee and other fruits.
  • Contributes to coffee berry borer control.
  • High tensile strength and wear resistant.
  • Prevents water accumulation, allowing it to pass through.
  • Resistant to wear caused by the Sun’s rays.
  • Reusable in multiple harvests.

Product Specifications

Weight (gsm)/ Structure

110 gsm



Presentation (width x length)

4.92 x 41 feet

UV Ray Resistence

2 years UVS

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