Why should you use our products

The use of our products helps in weed control (avoiding the use of herbicides), biological control and organic management of pathogens and the crop, mitigation of soil erosive processes due to the direct intervention of environmental conditions; all within the framework of compliance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which help meet the standards for export markets.

Why should anti-hail netting be used in blueberry cultivation

  1. To Protect crops from and avoid the direct impact of hail on crops, avoiding mechanical damages to the plant, and evacuate hail to the outside.
  2. To improve the crop internal climatic conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity and luminosity.
  3. To generate internal light reflection for better crop development.


  1. Avoidance of harmful effects on the crop from external agents such as hail, rain and pests (birds). Physical barrier.
  2. Decrease of labor in field cultivation and cultivation risks, providing greater production and cost efficiency.


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