Why should you use our products

The use of our products helps in filtration, weed control, and avoids pollutants in water sources with products and substances that generate toxicity to fish. We have solutions for the construction of fry culture cages and other physical elements that help in the control of predators. Our products provide compliance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Solutions for fish farm enclosures

  1. Rigid netting for cage construction.
  2. Lining for fish farming pond.
  3. Plastic enclosure netting to reinforce fencing.
  4. Bird exclusion net as a physical barrier to prevent the entry of predators.


  1. Cages for fingerling farming.
  2. Netting to prevent predators from entering and destroying fish production.
  3. Packaging solutions for fresh fish commercialization.
    Shade fabrics to adjust temperature and generate better fish development.
  4. Decrease of labor in field cultivation and firsh farming risks, providing greater production and cost efficiency.


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