Our Solutions for Construction Projects

Our net, textile fabrics, and fibers are made of synthetic resin and natural raw materials, fibers, used for vertical cladding, concrete curing, granulometric separation, filtration, and handling of different materials and products, and protection.

We develop sheets with synthetic resin used as coffer protectors to give a better finish detail to concrete, for floor protection in completed works, and for facilitating the stripping of formwork.

Advantages of protecting coffers with Cartonplast

  1. Easy stripping of formwork.
  2. Aesthetic finish on the concrete surface.
  3. Reuse of material for other works.
  4. Easy storage of material.
  5. Possibility of modulating material to different shapes and sizes.
  6. Avoid the use of plastic bags.
  7. Replace the use of Polystyrene.


Advantages of our products on internal work site Protection of construction projects / Advantages of Cartonplast solutions for surface protection.

  1. Reusable sheets for floor protection.
  2. Longer lasting product.
  3. Different presentations.
  4. Greater resistance to humidity and impact.
  5. Recyclable.


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