Why should netting/fabric windbreak be implemented for crops

  • To decrease flower loss, achieving better percentages of fruit set.
  • To avoid physical damages to crops due to strong winds.
  • To generate a better crop internal environment due to the adjustment of temperature and relative humidity.
  • To improve pollination.

How to install the windbreak netting

  1. Identify the wind direction.
  2. Place the windbreak net over the sides of the crop in a straight line.
  3. Place the 3-meter piece of net between the bib and the upper rear wall.
  4. Properly stretch out and staple with a fold made in the wires.


  1. UV additive used for providing greater durability to the net.
  2. Permeability.
  3. Light reflection.
  4. Decrease of wind impact by controlling air entry into the infrastructure.
  5. Temperature and humidity control.
  6. Physical barrier to the entrance of certain types of insects.


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