Our Enclosure and Fencing Solutions

Polypropylene netting and fabrics used for preventing the entry of people and/or animals that may hinder or interfere in the work area of construction projects.

Importance of security netting and fabrics, enclosure and fencing

  1. Physical protection to prevent the entry of unwanted people or animals to work areas in construction projects.
  2. Physical protection to avoid deterioration in or damages to the work, in addition to helping protect against theft of construction materials.


How to install the enclosure netting or fabric

  1. Identify the perimeter of the work area to be delimited, where the fabric or netting will be installed.
  2. Mark, install, and use terminal and line posts every two meters to ensure the correct attachment of the signaling fabric or netting.
  3. Properly stretch out.
  4. Attach to posts with staples, clamps, fabric-press fasteners, or plastic wire every two meters, as required.


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