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We are pioneers in the development of multilayer packaging, which guarantees the image quality and the barrier required by products of this sector. These packages are successfully used in automated production processes.

We have the category of laminated sacks with internal liner sealed or sewn to the mouth of the sack, this condition ensures that at the time of the filling process, at the port or manually, the liner will remain in place.

How to choose the right packaging

The appropriate characteristics for choosing the right packaging for this sector are determined by the barrier required:

  • To maintain the product in optimal condition, from filling to commercialization.
  • Quality of the image to be projected.
  • Barrier required depending on the type of fertilizer.
  • Depending on the kilos of product to be packed.
  • These packages can be closed at the bottom with a polypropylene tape embracing the cut of the sack and thus ensuring hermeticity.
  • Type of filling system (manual, semi-automatic, automatic)


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