Multilayer Sack

Package made of polypropylene fibers, with double lamination on both sides, polypropylene fabric laminated with high performance polyolefins. Ideal for automatic filling machines. It meets the specification for water vapor permeation and humidity absorption. Its multilayer system eliminates the use of internal bags allowing for efficiency at the filling time and guarantees high quality printing.

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  • Recyclable
  • Highly resistant to impact and tearing
  • High barrier to humidity
  • Guaranteed printing quality over time
  • High water vapor permeation barrier
  • The use of liner or internal bag is eliminated

Product Specifications

Closure Type

Stitching + tape at the bottom of the sack
Stitching at the bottom
Tape (heat-sealed tape) at the bottom of the sack

Weight (gsm)/ Structure

From 90 gsm to 120 gsm




Not printed: Length between 41 cm and 130 cm
Pleat range 1.97 inches to 3.74 inches
Printed: Length between 20.08 inches and 47.24 inches
Width between 17.72 inches and 24.8 inches


1-sided CMYK polychromatic printing
1-sided solid tone printing up to 6 colors
2-sided solid tone printing up to 6 colors distributed on both sides
CMYK polychromatic printing on the first side, 2 solid tones on the second side


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