Why should you use our products

The use of our products helps in weed control (avoiding the use of herbicides), biological control and organic management of pathogens and the crop, reduction of factors that favor the appearance of pests, mitigation of soil erosive processes due to the direct intervention of environmental conditions; reduction of high water consumption, separation of the different planting lots with physical barriers to prevent sector-to-sector contamination; all within the framework of compliance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which help meet the standards for export markets.

Why should a ground cover be used in gulupa cultivation

  1. To avoid the application of herbicides for weed control (GAP).
  2. Physical barrier so that pest insects affecting crops cannot complete their life cycle.
  3. Efficient use of irrigation water.
  4. To avoid fruit contamination with harmful agents from the soil.
  5. To reduce the effects of frost on crops.


  1. Implementation of good agricultural practices.
  2. Efficient use of non-renewable resources within the crop.
  3. Improves fruit safety for access to international markets.
  4. Keeps production units separated from external agents that may damage the crop.
  5. Generates a physical barrier that prevents the presence of birds in the crop.
  6. Decrease of favorable conditions for the presence and development of the life cycle of pests.
  7. Decrease of labor in field cultivation and cultivation risks, providing greater production and cost efficiency.


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