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From our production process, we have worked on developing the optimal packaging for this market, ensuring a fine microperforation so that air can escape without dusting. Our packaging for the flour sector is specially designed with fine microperforations that allow air to escape without dusting during the filling process. We have different microperforation designs depending on the type of flour to be packed and the filling conditions of our customers.

We have implemented GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in all our processes and plants, ensuring product safety.

How to choose the right packaging

The ideal characteristics for choosing the right packaging for this sector are determined by the type of flour to be packed, the different bagging line, and the different lines of the production process that derive from the flour:

  • Depending on the product density and the kilos of product to be packed.
  • We recommend woven sacks for byproducts (wheat bran and/or mogolla, third-class flour).
  • For fine flour, we recommend the laminated sack with special microperforation.
  • This sector ranges between 25, 40 and 50 kilos of product.
  • Quality of the image to be projected.
  • For by-products (wheat bran and/or mogolla, third-grade flours), we recommend woven bags.


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