Why should you use our products

The use of our products helps in weed control (avoiding the use of herbicides), pest control (excessive use of agrochemicals), reduction of high water consumption, separation of the different planting lots with physical barriers to avoid sector-to-sector contamination. We create solutions for germination during the planting process. We have solutions for the implementation of confinement beds in various vegetables; solutions for the implementation of hydroponic crops; trellising solutions for legumes and other vegetables.

All within the framework of compliance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Why should shade fabrics be used for germination of vegetable seeds

Why should our technical fabrics be use for vegetable cultivation.

  1. To keep the seed germination substrate hydrated.
  2. To control temperature and relative humidity for optimal radicle emergence.
  3. Physical barrier to prevent external living agents from deteriorating seeds (rodents and birds).
  4. Our fabrics are made in taffeta weave, which gives them greater resistance and durability.
  5. We design technical fabrics of different colors, with effects on the quality of light directly intervening in the plant, with positive effects on its development.


  1. Physical control of weeds that compete for light, water, nutrients, and space against the main crop.
  2. Trellising system for crops such as leguminous plants, which require tying and securing with yarn to support the plant in production processes.
  3. Staggered production of vegetables by sectioning production lots to obtain continuous harvesting.


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