Shade Fabric 45%

Also known as polyshade, made of monofilament polypropylene fabric/net, taffeta weave. Its function is to generate shade and attenuate solar radiation to control/reduce ambient temperature in different work areas such as: flower crops, cultivated fields, livestock areas, building protection, parking lots, among others.

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  • Recyclable.
  • Reduces temperature.
  • Reflects solar radiation during the day.
  • Thanks to its fabric, it can be repaired in case of damages.
  • Reduces incidence of Sun’s rays.
  • Fabric with highly resistant monofilament yarn.

Product Specifications

Weight (gsm)/ Structure

80 gsm



Presentation (width x length)

9.84 x 328 feet

UV Ray Resistence

UV additive for 2 years


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