Our Solutions for Stabilization, Reinforcement, and Containment

Geosynthetics products of textile and polymeric origin, sacks made of fique aimed at reinforcing earth materials, preventing erosion and generating a stable environment. We design and manufacture geosynthetics used for improving, changing, or maintaining the characteristics of the soil with which they interact. Our solutions are based on synthetic fabrics and netting, fique sacks, and polypropylene sacks that can be applied in differente engineering challenges.


Benefits of the Use of these Products in civil work

Applications of Geotextiles in Civil Works

These products allow soil to perform better than it would have if it did not have them, better distributing stresses discharged thereon, guaranteeing stability, even at steeper slopes.

We maximize the opportunity to reuse the local soil as the backfill for the reinforced soil layer, substantially optimizing the project. Our Woven Geotextiles are planar and permeable structures formed by the interlacing of two or more sets of yarn or fibers. These solutions are used for separation, stabilization, and reinforcement of soil requiring intervention to alter mechanical properties.


  1. Prevent surface soil erosion.
  2. Collect and conduct fluids.
  3. Retain soil or other particles, allowing free passage of moving fluids.
  4. Block or divert fluids.
  5. Limit or prevent damages to elements of geotechnical works.
  6. Improve mechanical behavior of a geotechnical structure.
  7. Prevent mixing or interaction of adjacent related materials against physical attacks (drilling and wear).

Most Common Applications:

  1. Sub-surface drainage.
  2. Filtration under rock-fill or rigid systems.
  3. Construction of sediment barriers.
  4. Resurfacing layers.
  5. Stabilization of vehicle roads and railroad tracks.
  6. Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE).
  7. Reinforced slopes or retaining walls.
  8. Foundation of banks on soft soil.


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