Why should you use our products

The use of our products helps prevent the assimilation of, and the crop contamination caused by, heavy metals in the soil by the plant, by providing crop and pathogen biological control and organic management, separation of the different planting lots with physical barriers to prevent sector-to-sector contamination, weed control (eliminates the use of herbicides), and pest control (reduces the use of agrochemicals); all within the framework of compliance with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Products recommended for Cannabis cultivation.

Why should a windbreaker fabric be used in cannabis cultivation

  1. To maintain crop optimal and stable internal conditions (temperature, relative humidity, and aeration.)
  2. Physical barrier to avoid harmful insects from entering the crop.
  3. To avoid physical and physiological damages to the crop by the entrance of strong winds.
  4. Internal light diffusion.


  1. Safety and sanitation of the flower, which is the product used as a drug.
  2. Implementation of good agricultural practices.
  3. Optimizes and maintains the crop internal conditions in a stable and optimal manner (temperature, relative humidity, and aeration).
  4. Avoids the entry of harmful insects into the crop.
  5. Physical barrier to prevent the entry of harmful insects to the crop.
  6. Avoid physical and physiological damages to the crop caused by strong winds.
  7. Internal light diffussion.
  8. Decrease of labor in field cultivation and cultivation risks, providing greater production and cost efficiency.


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