Plant Support Netting

Netting made of synthetic resin, used for trellising of vegetables and flowers, among others, with additives against UV rays.

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  • No rusting
  • With additives that protect the net from ultraviolet rays and exposure to the weather
  • Lighter weight
  • Resistant to fungicides, humidity and chemical agents

Main Uses

Used for vegetable and flower trellising.

Product Specifications



Aperture Dimensions

100 x 100 mm
150 x 150 mm
160 x 160 mm
170 x 170 mm
2.95 x 2.95 inches
200 x 200 mm

Presentation (width x length)

0,90 x 1000m
1,00 x 1000m
1,20 x 1000m
1,30 x 1000m
1,35 x 1000m
2,10 x 1000m

UV Ray Resistence

UV additive for 2 years

Weight (gsm)

7 to 15


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