Why should shade fabrics be placed over crops

  1. To avoid the direct impact of UV rays coming from the Sun on the crops.
  2. To minimize the effect of the direct hit of the Sun’s rays on the plants.
  3. To adjust the crop internal environment (temperature, relative humidity, luminance, and wind).
  4. To stimulate growth and development of crops.

Effects of the different colors of shade fabric over the crops

Black Shade Fabric: decreases light intensity within the canopy, which allows to generate better size and quality products, recommended for flower crops (hydrangeas).

Red Shade Fabric: generates stimulation of the plant branch elongation vertically and generates precocity in the entry into flowering, recommended for blueberry and cannabis.

Green Shade Fabric: generates plant horizontal growth and plant foliage density, recommended for leafy vegetables.

White Shade Fabric: Generates horizontal and vertical growth in a balanced manner for the plant.

Photomorphogenesis, growth pattern of plants depending on the wavelength that influences them.


  1. Crop internal environment adjustment.
  2. Durability due to UV additive.
  3. Less impact of external agents on crops (Sun’s rays).
  4. Direct stimulus on the growth pattern of plants, depending on the wavelength that is influencing (photomorphogenesis), stimulus for plant development.


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