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For this sector, we specialize in offering different types of plastic packages depending on the density of the product to be packed or the production process.

Among the most used sacks, we have: woven sack, laminated sack with fine microperforation, laminated sack with bag, valved sack, among others.

How to choose the right packaging

The appropriate characteristics for choosing the packaging required for this sector are determined by the density of the product to be packed:

  • Depending on the product density and the kilos of product.
  • Depending on the filling system available (valved, semi-automatic or manual).
  • For fine density products, the sack should be laminated and have special microperforation or otherwise, use an internal bag.
  • Quality of the image to be projected.
  • This sector ranges between 25, 40 and 50 kilos of product.
  • Kilos of product to be packed.


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