Woven polypropylene fiber bag, double laminated, available with a mono BOPP layer or bi-layer. One of its layers in BOPP for printing in photographic quality, guaranteeing optimal product presentation of vivid printing and barrier to humidity and external agents. Storage volume ranges from 17 lbs to 88 lbs (8 kg to 40 kg) depending On the density of the material to be packed.

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  • Superior strength over paper bags
  • High resistance to impact and tearing, minimizing product loss
  • High barrier to humidity
  • Excellent optical properties (transparency and brightness)
  • Water vapor permeation barrier
  • Photographic printing quality

Product Specifications

Closure Type

Easy-open (easy opening from the mouth)
Stitching + tape at the bottom of the sack
Stitching at the bottom
Tape (heat-sealed tape) at the bottom of the sack

Weight (gsm)/ Structure

BOPP bilayer weight range 110 gsm -136 gsm




Length range 16.54 inches to 42.13 inches
Pleat range 1.97 inches to 3.74 inches
Width range 16.14 inches to 23.62 inches


Full Color (Photographic Quality)


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