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Main Milestones


First Industrial Fique Packaging Plant in Colombia

We started with the processing of fique fiber for the manufacture of sacks, textile fabrics, rope, cordage, plush, and tapestries, basically to meet the growing production of Colombian coffee for Colombia and the world.


New Facilities

We moved from Guayaquil to new larger facilities on Colombia Street.


SintraEmpaques is Born

SintraEmpaques union is formed.


Itagüí Branch

We have a new branch, Cía de Empaques moves to its branch in Itagüí.


Texcomercial is Born

We evolve to create the leading polypropylene plant in Colombia, the first plastic plant of the Company is installed. First polypropylene packaging plant. TEXCOMERCIAL is born, a distribution channel for our products.


First Plastic Cardboard Plant

Innovation continues. First CARTONPLAST plastic cardboard plant.


Unity is Strength

The new collective bargaining agreement is executed, a new way of working as a team. We made union our strength so that our common goals would make us greater.


Constant Evolution

We never stopped evolving and opened our first plastic netting plant.


Texcomercial Grows

We continue walking and opening new paths, Texcomercial Ecuador is born.


New Union Agreement

The Union Contract is agreed upon, a collective contract modality, which today has more than one thousand members participating in the union contract.


We strengthen our presence abroad

We continue to open up to the world. The company begins to strengthen its export area by opening up to the Latin American market.


New Presidency

We have a new president: PEDRO MIGUEL ESTRADA LONDOÑO.


Technology Renovation

Our technological renovation process begins, and has allowed us to strengthen and grow internationally.


New Agreement

We executed an agreement with the Military Detention Center, initially benefiting more than 180 people in the re-socialization of former military personnel deprived of their freedom; from that year onwards, we have continued with this re-socialization agreement.


Growing for the World

Compañía de Empaques Internacional is created and we opened our plant in the Rionegro Free-Trade Zone to meet the growing international demand.


Social Responsibility

  • Hand in hand with the unions, the Company develops projects to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities. We are a socially responsible company.
  • Our image changes (a logo change)


Excellence and Innovation

We celebrate 80 years as a leading company in the sector of natural fibers and plastics.


Constantly Reinventing Ourselves

We are now more than just a packaging company; we are Grupo Excala.

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